Get started with Pricery in >5 minutes

Step 1. Connect Stripe

To work, Pricery needs to connect to Stripe. You can connect via the official Stripe Connect (OAuth) and disconnect at any time.

Step 2. Plug your website

You have 2 options to display the prices on your website's design:

  • Via no-code, for quick integration with website builders

  • Or via API, for more customized integrations

Step 3. Create your default and localized pricings

Pricery's basic idea is simple you have:

  • You have one Default Pricing. It consist of a list of Stripe Products that will be show to all your visitors (and VPN users). For each variant (monthly, yearly, etc), specify the relevant Stripe Prices. It must look exactly like your current USD pricing.

  • And many Localized Pricings. These Pricings (plural) are assigned to one or many location, use one currency, and take the same list of products than your default pricing, but different Stripe Prices.

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