3a. Plug your Website (No-Code)

Let's integrate Pricery to your current Pricing page, without changing anything in its current design.
Once you have set up your account and pricing strategy in Pricery.io, the next step is integrating these settings into your website. This will ensure that your customers see the optimized prices based on their location. Here’s how you can do it:

Adding the JavaScript Snippet

On your website's HTML <head>, add the following piece of code (make sure to replace your-public-api-key with your actual key):
window.PRICERY_API_KEY = "your-public-api-key";
(function() {
const script = document.createElement("script");
script.src = "https://www.pricery.io/pricery.js";
script.async = true;
You can find your API key within your Pricery account's Settings.
Production/Test environment. Make sure to use the proper API key for each of your environments.

Using a Website Builder?

Pricery works with Webflow, Versoly, and almost EVERY website builders.
If you're not sure about how to set it up with your website, reach out to our Support!