What is Pricery?

Welcome to Pricery, the price management system that'll boost your digital product's international sales. Let's get started!
Good to know: Pricery is still in the beta stages. That means that any feedback, feature idea, or constructive criticism is appreciated. Reach out anytime via the Chat or email at jules {at} pricery.io. Pricery is a 1-man band, so we might not answer right away, but we'll answer.
Pricery is a pricing localization service that helps subscription businesses display specific prices on their website based on the location of each visitor.
With Pricery, you can offer specific prices in each and every country of the world, with a specific amount, currency, and promotion if needed. We gather data about each country to recommend you on whether your price is valuable, safe, or lawful, in each country.
Using Pricery allows you to deploy in minutes an optimal multicurrency pricing system that builds trust in your company, and significantly increases your foreign sales.

Getting Started

Quick video. Quick presentation of the Pricery.io beta v0.1


Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:


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