Welcome to Pricery, the price localization tool for Stripe that boosts your global sales. Let's get started!

Localizing prices and offering the right currency and amount to visitors from your global audience can have a major impact on your digital product's sales. Pricery is here to make localized pricing safe, and valuable, from day 1, and without having to learn every specificities in every country.

Key Features:

  1. Easy set-up. Pricery can be setup in a few minutes, either via no-code, or via API for a more customized approach.

  2. Pricing interface: Once it's set up, your pricing page becomes fully customizable from the Pricery interface, leaving you free to change, optimize, and deploy new prices and currencies all over the world.

  3. Updated. Pricery keeps informed of all the financial and legal news, to help you pick and maintain optimal pricings for the long-term.

  4. Security. We make sure to protect your pricing page from VPN users.

  5. Continuous Support. We're passionate about creating resources on the wonderful topic of localization and internationalization :)

Question? Reach out to our support or at jules [at] pricery.io. We respond within 24h.

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