Versoly integration

Offer localized pricing on your Versoly website in minutes with Pricery.

Versoly makes it extremely easy to offer localized prices on your Versoly website. All that without writing a line of code, nor changing anything to your current design! Let's get started:

Add the Pricery JS snippet to Versoly

Go to your Versoly project's settings and copy/paste your JS snippet.

window.PRICERY_API_KEY = "your-pricery-public-key";
(function() {
    const script = document.createElement("script");
    script.src = "";
    script.async = true;

You can find your Pricery API key in your Pricery account's settings.

Add data-elements to display your prices information

To display on your Versoly website, Pricery needs to know where to put each piece of information: Price amount, currency symbol, link to which to redirect people clicking on the buy button, etc.

All it takes is adding pricery data-elements to the HTML code of your Versoly editor:

All these steps are similar to what non-Versoly users should do and are detailed in other sections. But in a nutshell, here are the 4 types of data-elements that you will need:

That's it!

Versoly makes it extremely fast to add Pricery on your website and offer localized prices to your visitors. Now, go to the Pricery interface and start deploying new currencies in every country in the world!

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