How to use the VPN protection best?

Tips and tricks to using the Pricery VPN protection.
The #1 worry when localizing pricing is the VPN users. It's completely legitimate since VPNs are a popular way to change ones location without physically moving.
At Pricery, we've prioritize this from day one and here and integrated the best VPN and IP info services, to make sure that people browsing your website are actually where they say they're from.
If there is any doubt, Pricery instantly fallbacks to your default USD pricing. Simple as that.

Protect Localized Pricings from VPN Users

To protect a Localizeed Pricing from VPN users in Pricery is as simple as a single click. Each Localized Pricing can be independently turned on or off.
Change the Pricery VPN protection inside each Localized Pricing settings.

When to turn the VPN protection on?

We recommend using the VPN protection for every localized pricings that are significantly lower than your default pricing. We leave it to you to decide how much is "significantly". For some businesses, it'll be 2%, for others, 20.

When *not* to use the VPN protection?

Many companies, coworking spaces, and other semi-public places are using some form of mechanism to protect their privacy: VPNs, proxies, etc. Since it's either hard/impossible to differentiate between these services, Pricery considers them all like "VPN users".
That's an issue if a European company comes on your website for instance, and sees a USD price instead of your Euro price. For that reason, we recommend turning the VPN protection ON, if, and only if, the localized pricing is significantly lower than your default pricing.