Webflow integration

Offer localized pricing to Webflow in a few minutes thanks to Pricery.

Add the Pricery JS snippet in your header

Go to your Webflow project's settings and copy/paste your JS snippet.
window.PRICERY_API_KEY = "your-pricery-public-key";
(function() {
const script = document.createElement("script");
script.src = "https://www.pricery.io/pricery.js";
script.async = true;
You can find your Pricery API key in your Account's settings.
Paid projects only: Webflow only allows paid projects to add JS snippets in the header.

Add data-elements to display your prices information

To display on your Webflow website, Pricery needs to know where to put each piece of information: Price amount, currency symbol, link to which to redirect people clicking on the buy button, etc.
All it takes is adding pricery data-elements to the HTML code of your editor:
All these steps are similar to what non-Webflow users should do and are detailed in other sections. But in a nutshell, here are the 4 types of data-elements that you will need:

That's it!

Webflow makes it extremely fast to offer localized prices to your visitors. Now, go to the Pricery interface and start deploying new currencies in every country in the world!