Set Up Default Pricing

The default pricing is your current pricing that will be applied as a fallback by default.

Step 1. Choose Your Default Currency

After connecting your Stripe account, select your default currency. This could be USD, EUR, or GBP. This default currency acts as a fallback for your pricing, ensuring continuity in transactions. It will also be the pricing shown to VPN users.

Step 2. Add Your Stripe Products

Next, import or manually add the products you’re offering on Stripe. These could range from different subscription plans to one-time purchase items.

Step 3. Define Products Variants (i.e. monthly/yearly prices)

For each product, you can define various pricing variants. This might include monthly or yearly subscription plans. By setting up these variants, you ensure that each product is accurately represented in your pricing strategy.

Step 4. Assign default prices to each variant

Finally, assign to each Product's variant its own Stripe price. Product A's monthly plan will be assigned Price A, and yearly plan, Price B, and so on.

What Stripe products/prices is Pricery using?

Pricery uses your current Stripe products and prices. Any product or price created in Stripe is immediately available in Pricery.

The only time Pricery creates something is when you create a localized pricings, and explicitly create new prices for a given currency.

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